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Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research

Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research


Representatives of CGPR member firms gather annually at Virginia Tech on the day preceding the Annual Lecture Program, to hear summaries of Center activities, financial standing, and thoughts on new directions for the Center

The annual lecture program was instituted to provide an opportunity for geotechnical practitioners to present case histories or topics of current interest to students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and other CGPR members

Hot Topic” Workshops are organized to analyze, discuss, and debate specific technical concepts, problems, methods, and criteria. With the CGPR serving as organizer and facilitator, small groups of experts are brought together in a retreat/workshop environment for in-depth examinations of important issues with the goal of resolving uncertainties and developing consensus views.

  • Short Courses – Continuing Education
    Short Courses – Continuing Education

    The Geotechnical Engineering Faculty members at Virginia Tech, in cooperation with colleagues from CGPR member firms and other universities, have presented a number of continuing education courses for employees of member firms and, in some cases, non-member firms.

  • Lunch Seminars with CGPR Faculty
    Lunch Seminars with CGPR Faculty

    As we navigate the new realities that result from the current situation, there are some opportunities that come along with the many challenges. One such opportunity arises from our newly gained familiarity with the world of virtual meetings. Therefore, we would like to offer CGPR members online seminars by Virginia Tech faculty

  • Limited Free Consulting Services for CGPR Members
    Limited Free Consulting Services for CGPR Members

    Any of the members of the Virginia Tech faculty will be happy to provide free consulting advice to CGPR members by phone or in person at any time. The limits to this service are determined case-by-case, but you are encouraged to call if you think that any of the faculty would be able to offer useful advice or to answer questions that will help to move your project along efficiently.

  • CGPR Literature Search Services
    CGPR Literature Search Services

    CGPR username and password to enter the members only area

The Charles Edward Via, Jr., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (0105) 750 Drillfield Drive 200 Patton Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061 Phone: (540) 231-6635 Phone: (540) 231-7532