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Lunch Seminars with CGPR Faculty

As we navigate the new realities that result from the current situation, there are some opportunities that come along with the many challenges. One such opportunity arises from our newly gained familiarity with the world of virtual meetings. Therefore, we would like to offer CGPR members online seminars by Virginia Tech faculty. These can be delivered as lunch seminars or at any other time that would work for your company.

The list below lists the topics available by each of our faculty:

Alba Yerro-Colom

  • Advanced numerical methods to predict large deformation processes and soil-structure interaction problems

Tom Brandon

  • Failure of the Largest MSE Slope
  • Rock Slope Stability in the land of the Rich and Famous
  • Hydrocompression of Deep Canyon Fills
  • Full-scale Testing of I-wall in New Orleans

George Filz

  • Geotechnical Engineering at Kennedy Space Center
  • Geosynthetic-Reinforced Column-Supported Embankments:  Settlement and Vertical Load Transfer
  • The Deep Mixing Method:  Overview and Case Histories
  • The Deep Mixing Method:  Design for Settlement and Stability
  • The Deep Mixing Method:  Mix Design and Laboratory Testing
  • The Deep Mixing Method:  Construction QC & QA

Additional topics that will be available beginning in January 2021

  • Geosynthetic-Reinforced Column-Supported Embankments:  Stability
  • Seepage Barriers:  Construction QC & QA Issues, including Single-Well Tests  

Adrian Rodriguez-Marek

  • Ground motion models (Attenuation Relationships) underlying the USGS Seismic Hazard maps
  • Considerations for site-specific seismic hazard analysis

Russell Green

  • Liquefaction Hazard due to Induced Seismicity 
  • Seismic Liquefaction in the Central-Eastern US
  • The 2010-2011 Canterbury, New Zealand, Earthquake Sequence: Lessons Learned about Liquefaction and Related Phenomena
  • Recent Advances in Evaluating Liquefaction Triggering
  • Determination of the Magnitude and Source Location of Paleoearthquakes from Paleoliquefaction Evidence
  • Recent Advances in Evaluating Seismic Compression

Sherif Abdelaziz

  • Design and Construction of Energy Foundations

If we have sufficient demand, we would be able to also set up CEUs for participants (there would be a fee associated to cover the costs of the CEUs). 

We look forward to the opportunity to interact with you. If you are interested, please contact Adrian (adrianrm(at), we will work together to find mutually agreeable times and dates. We look forward to hearing from you.